Virtual cards for top-up TikTok, Facebook, Google ads accounts
and other ad systems.
Unlimited cards.
11 reliable
Bank transfer
Transfer from Partners' balances
Individual rates if Partner`s monthly spend is over 50000€
(1,49 USDT)
(no extra fees)
(no extra fees)
Quick top-up
Currency – USD & EUR
Withdraw your balance within 48 hours (special terms might be applied)
Access any number of cards
Starting at just $2
Functionality for teams
No hidden fees
Average pre-authorization refund time: 5 days
Card issuance
Card top-up
Conversion fees — from 1%.
From $2
From 3 %
I love it that you can get any number
of cards and that making payments
on Facebook doesn't come up
as risk payment thanks to BINs.
As for Google, it's cool one can
confirm cards via 3ds, you have
no problems with suspicious
Petr, owner of TraffCloud
We love the service very much, small fees and card price let us reduce expenses
(compared with another service), a joint balance for all cards is very convenient, you don't have to bother about
the balance of each of them. Access levels are also very convenient, every buyer can see their cards and manage them. We like all these things and now work with you :)
Profit Team
Tested the service flexcard.cards
and it's amazing! This is what I need since long ago, Estonian BINs are recognized as Spanish
and Brazilian!!!!
Vladimir, fb-dart.shop
Thanks to FlexCard for high-quality service! It's easy to link a card to a TT account. Unlike other
payment system, FlexCard has moderate fees! The support team answers quickly and helps to solve your problems. This is a perfect payment system both for solo affiliates and big teams! Highly recommended!
We use your service, it works great, new cards get linked to automatedly registered TT accounts at
first attempt, but it gets harder when we link cards to older accounts because we link more than 1
account to every card. We're completely satisfied, staff is helpful, conditions are good – better than
the competitors'. Recommended :)
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